Parts Supply

Parts Supply

JADE offers modification kits that support aircraft modification, which includes a vast inventory of aircraft parts for commercial aircraft. The expanded global connections with our partners for spare parts enables us to support AOG and urgent orders.

OEM/New Parts

We provide factory new condition parts and deliver with OEM certification ready for installation. The range of products that are available to be chosen from are:

  • Brakes
  • Landing Gear
  • Aircraft Parts
Used/Serviceable Parts

Parts that are Serviceable (SV), Repaired (RP) and Overhaul (OH) will be provided based on the requirement of the customers. Parts that are repaired, inspected and delivered with FAA 8130-3 or EASA Form 1 Certificate.

Modification Kits

Specially customized and catered for each and individual program, we can provide parts like:

  • Monuments
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Seats
  • Carpet
  • Seat Dress Covers
  • Curtains and curtain tracks
  • Off-the-shelf Parts
  • Consumables

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